Sustainable Low Carbon Concrete

McGraths have high quality sustainable low carbon concretes available from all of our automated static production plants, which are designed to help you meet current and future environmental construction goals.

Being able to replace up to 70% of Portland Cement (CEMI) in a concrete mix with EcoCem (Ground Granulated Blast furnace Slag or ‘GGBS’), we have developed a product that has a much lower level of embodied CO2 than if ordinary cement was used.

The inclusion of the ECOcem GGBS product within this Concrete range provides the all stakeholders of projects (specifiers, designers, contractors, clients and end users) with environmental benefits, as well as improving the performance of the product, making it more durable and aesthetically lighter in colour.  We work with specifiers, designers and clients at the pre-construction stage to help realize where our Sustainable Low Carbon concrete can be used efficiently for any given project with all technical challenges possible to be achieved.

Our sustainable Low Carbon concrete can significantly reduce the embodied carbon content of concrete, thus making the material a more environmentally friendly concrete option. The level of the GGBS in this concrete range can be as high as 70%, which is usually more than twice as much as other cement replacements such as PFA, which would typically be around 30%.